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Alert, save people's lives in Gonaives

posted by WadnerPierre Gonaives Topics: haiti

September 2, 2008

Alert, save people's lives in Gonaives

Dear friends everywhere,

What is happening now in Gonaives is worse than hurricane Jeanne in 2004, Hanna is hitting Gonaives now. I talked to my mother who lives there, she said (I quote) "My son it is hard for your mother and people in Gonaives, we do not know what to do. Nothing, nothing, it is raining, wind".

The situation that she explained is the same for almost people in Gonaives are living this morning. Les Cayes in southern Haiti, Cap-Haitian, It is the worst time for Haiti.

God bless Haiti and save people's lives in Gonaives, my city, Cap-Haitian, Les Cayes and the rest of our entire Planet.

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Pray for Gonaives Haiti...

The nations need to band together to pray for the people of Haiti. I am not Haitian but I have read reports and I have friends that are in Gonaives right now and all I can say is they need help and prayer. America has so much and there is no reason why they can't send planes to take people out of those flood areas, they can do something send boats to get people off roof tops anything would help but of course Haiti is a poor country the United States doesn't care. It breaks my heart that people are so devided and aren't willing to help their fellow man in a time of desperate need.
If I had money I would do what I can to help, however I am poor and the best I can do is PRAY to a GOD that can move mountains and can fix anything....

Lord I pray for help and peace in Haiti, Lord I ask you to help your people in their time of need Lord your servants, your children and even those who have turned away from you, Lord they need you so desperately. Father I ask for help and restoration in the country of Haiti in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. AMEN