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Take a Stand against the Occupation of Haiti by Dominican Republic under the UN-Preval’s Leadership

posted by WadnerPierre

September 28, 2010

Take a Stand against the Occupation of Haiti by Dominican Republic under the UN-Preval’s Leadership

by Wadner Pierre

The Dominican president, Lionel Fernandez offered 800 soldiers to reinforce the U N mission in Haiti after the January 12 earthquake that destroyed the Haiti’s capital and its surroundings. Dominican Today published an article entitled “Reported decision to send Dominican troops to Haiti”on September 27.

According to this article 680 Dominican soldiers will join the UN peacekeeping mission or MINUSTAH in Haiti. the firs group of soldiers already trained and most of them are from the Special Operations Command (COE). Military sources told the El DÍa newspaper, “a move that would draw the rebuke nationwide,” said this article.

The UN mission in Haiti is known as an occupation force since its beginning. People who are against the 29 February coup d’état perceive the UN mission in Haiti as a guardian of international coup d’état carried by the United States, France and Canada against the Haiti’s democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February 29, 2004.
The decision of the Dominican government to send troops in Haiti proved the participation of the Dominican government in destabilizing Haiti.

Nobody can forget the role played by Dominican government in destabilizing the Jean-Bertrand Aristide government. The majority meetings with the rebels like Guy Phillipe, Jodel Chamblain took place in the luxurious Dominican hotels. All attacks against the Aristide carried by the rebels government were planned in Dominican Republic. The Dominican government did nothing to stop the rebels from crossing the border back and forth to trouble peaceful Haitian citizens who live near to the border, the central, and northern of Haiti. The Dominican government until today has not apologized to Haitian people for disturbing peace, and plotting against their government.

By nay mean, Dominican soldiers cannot be peacekeepers for Haitian people. Dominican soldiers mistreat Haitians all the time whether at the border or in DR. This decision was a dream, a hatred dream that had been carried by a group conservative Dominican. The dream is, one day they can dominate and put their boots under the necks of Haitian people. This dream is about to concretize thanks to the 2004 coup against democratic Aristide government. Dominican will be sued to execute this famous hatred mission in the name of UN peacekeeping /war-keeping mission in Haiti.

It is a shame for Haitian people, and as well a shame for the history that this occupation will be possible under l President Rene Preval’s leadership .Under Preval will let Dominican soldiers rule Haiti and continue to humiliate Haitians in their own country.

They will revenge. Because Dominican right-wing politicians forget that the original idea of the former slaves was not to occupy each other, but to consolidate peace and to prevent the reestablishment of the slavery system in the Island. Haitians and Dominicans are brothers and sisters and condemn to inhabit the Island together. They must live as brothers and sisters, not as slaves and masters.

Please take a stand against the Dominican Occupation of Haiti under the UN-Preval Leadership.And say YES to brotherhood and sisterhood relation, NO to slave and master relation between Haiti and Dominican Republic.

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DR has backtracked - No plans to send troops now they say

A Dominican Lt General Feliz says it was all a big misunderstanding according to Haiti libre.

The Lutnanante says the Dominican press jumped the gun (no pun intended!). There are no immediate plans two send military troops two #Haiti to serve under or withoug MINUSTAH.

To send military to Haiti could be considered a "provocation" a DR official has said. http://bit.ly/dvLzcE

NO DR military troops in HAITI


You can repeat all you like, but what difference will that make?

If, as was reported, Rene Preval, the UN and the Dominican government decided to have Dominican soldiers in Haiti, Haitians should just step aside like the obedient, well behave child that they are, and let the operation proceed unimpeded.
Haiti has long ceased to be a country. Haiti has stopped being a nation made up of thinking, feeling
human beings. Haitians are nothing more than walking zombies
If anyone should ever take the time to analyse Haitians' attitude, mindset and character traits, It shouldn't take long to discover that Haitians in Haiti as in the diaspora carry on like a set of people whose brains have been taken out of their skull and set free to roam about like zombies.
No wonder we believe as steadfastly as we do in the concept of zombification. The only thing is that when it comes to us, we don't need to be turned into zombies. We were born zombies and are treated as such by our compatriots and outsiders alike, our entire life.
Case in point, the individual who wrote this blog that I am replying to, is such a fricking coward and has so little courage behind his/her conviction that he/she chose to remain anonymous. That is soooooooooooo typical of contemporary Haitians. They will cast the stone alright, but they don't want you to see the hands that cast it.
Any nation, any people who picks cowardice as the hallmark of its national creed the way Haitians have, deserves nothing better than what Haiti's been geting from her ennemies, foreign and domestic.
Indeed, the UN is Haiti's ennemy, no matter how you slice. Preval should be hung in the public square for treaon. As for the Dominican Republic, well, what can I tell you? They know that comes rain, comes shine,they have a score to settle with Haitians, no matter how long it takes.
The UN is going to be there to hold us down while the Dominican soldiers works the plunger up i our backside. And that is possible only because we are a people without character.
Neither Preval, nor the UN, not even the Dominican government would ever think such an ignomonous idea if they didn't already know for certain that the Haitians people will take it lying down.
So, whoever the hell you are, your direct order to not send Dominican soldiers to Haiti, will most likey fall on deaf ears. After all, the entire world sees us as a de-clawed, de-fanged and brainless wild animal. We don't realize it because we, Haitians are incapable of any critical and constructive thought. That is the long and short of it all.