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Marlin Mine 3

August 16, 2007

Marlin Mine 3

Marlin Mine 3

In this photograph, Mrs. Hernández Pérez shows how the fissure extends from the wall to the floor of her single-room home. “They have caused us great damages because before the company came we never had any problems. We had simple homes, but never anything like this...For me, well, I am scared, because sometimes I think the house is going to collapse over our heads...It is the only home we have. We have nowhere else to go.”

Towards the end of 2006, a number of residents came together to complain to Montana about the fissures. According to Mrs. Hernández Pérez, “they sent one of their engineers who claimed the cracks were due to poor construction work or the shaking from vehicles, but that it was not the company’s fault.”

by James Rodriguez/www.mimundo.org

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