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Marlin Mine 9

August 16, 2007

Marlin Mine 9

Marlin Mine 9

Inside the mining project, the development of an extensive lake filled with dangerous wastes has also raised concerns. “Towards the end of 2006, Italian analyst Flaviano Bianchini carried on a water study from the Tzala River in Sipacapa. The results indicated that mining activity has indeed contaminated the river due to acid drainage. The waterway presents 80 times the normal levels of copper, 13 times the normal levels of aluminum and 2.5 times the normal levels of manganese. The health of approximately 5,000 local residents could be directly affected. In high quantities, copper can cause DNA mutations, liver failure and a number of skin, teeth and hair disorders. Aluminum can harm the nervous system, cause dementia, loss of memory, apathy and severe uncontrolled shaking.”

by James Rodriguez/www.mimundo.org

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