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DTES women demand an end to street sweeps

March 23, 2009

DTES women demand an end to street sweeps

DTES women demand an end to street sweeps

Women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and their allies took the intersection of Main and Hastings on February 15, 2009, to demand an end to street sweeps by the Vancouver Police Department.

by Dawn Paley

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streetsweeps in eastvan

POLITICS AND NONPROFIT SOCIETIES do not mix. Nonprofits in the dtes seem to be very organized as a political machine.To rally on a weekly basis against all levels of the goverment, in what seems is more of a personal gain than really helping to solve the problems that exist, they have become to phat and have taken to much limelite and not enough grit, which i believe they were built upon.The street sweeps for jaywalking sidewalk sales etc.I live here i go down there and i disagree.People wander aimlessly into traffic all the time you would not believe how many fatalities we've had.If you pay taxes on your store what right does someone have to set up a business at your front door.Then we have them putting pressure on the police and they have relaxed the drug laws.HOPEFULLY SOMEONE CLOSE TO THEM ISN'T KILLED BECAUSE OF THERE IDEALS

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