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Dion: Liberals won't sign a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia

September 24, 2008

Dion: Liberals won't sign a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia

Stéphane Dion spoke this evening to a crowd of over 400 students at the University of British Columbia.

During the question period, I asked him if he would support a Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia.

Dion (in English, he had previously answered in French):

"The question was about, uh, if we will accept a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. The way it was negotiated by the Conservatives we have no guarantee at all that the basic rights will be respected through this agreement, the workers rights, and so on. It [sic] is why we can not accept it."

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Liberal history of signing international trade deals a la 1993

Sure, and in 1993 the liberals, running on a very progressive platform of Jobs, jobs, jobs, openly campaigned on rejigging NAFTA, that they fought over in the 1988 campaign.

After winning a huge majority in 1993, one of the liberals first acts in power, was to quickly SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE WITH NO CHANGES TO NAFTA.

So what Dion just said, ah no, liberal history says, AH YES!