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Internally Displaced Azerbaijan Children

February 13, 2007

Internally Displaced Azerbaijan Children

Internally Displaced Azerbaijan Children

Internally displaced children living in an Azerbaijan refugee camp. The Azerbaijan government is slowly building newer refugee settlements, but it’s a half-hearted effort, as most Azeris want the internally displaced people to be allowed to return home to the land that Armenia now occupies.

by Kristian Gravenor

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Since 95 BC Artsakh aka

Since 95 BC Artsakh aka Nargono Karabagh has been Armenian land and occupied by majority /governed by Armenians. When both countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan were part of the Soviet Union, Stalin had the Nargono-Karabakh area administered out of Baku, Azerbaijan. N-K or Artsakh was NEVER given to the Azerbaijan.
When both countries were declared independent from the Soviet Union the Majority rule in N-K 70% Armenian population wanted their land and governance for the rightful and true owners the Armenians. This is when the war broke out, the first pogroms were against the Armenians of Sumgait, who were killed and murdered by gangs of Azerbaijanis who believe the lies of their government and corrupt President Aliyev.
Armenians exerted their right to majority rule and their ancestorial land and immediately notifed the population of Azerbaijanis of this. Some wanted to stay, some did not, but they were notified in advance.
Kholjali incident was the result of the Azerbaijani military cowardly hiding behind residence and using them as a shield. Sadly some people were killed by their own military which is sworn to protect them not use them. This was brought up before the UN and there was no fault found.
Recently pictures are surfacing by the propaganda of Azerbaijani of "dead Azerbaijanis" they are obvious fakes, one is a surgical procedure with surgical gloves clearly displayed on the surgeons hands. Azerbaijan is a country of 9 million residents - Armenia has just over 3.2 million. Many Azerbaijanis were married to Armenians, and the governments (both) worked to demonize the other causing hate and friction between the people.
Azerbaijanis are mostly Iberian, Albanian extraction, there was no Azerbaijani people until they were invaded by the Ottomans and Persians. Today most identify with Turkey and in fact speak Turkish and Russian. Many have Russian last names, they are historical a very young group of people with a background of confusion and cluster of culture from invading countries.
there is just as many Armenian people and children who were killed by Azerbaijanis. Many children left limbless because of roadside bombs it is a sad situation for both parties.

You are talking about

You are talking about sumgait, but note about yerevan and other cities in armenia, where azerbaijani was killed before war...
"historical land of Armenia" - what???
The whole armenian is azerbaijani territorium, but we understand, that there are internationaly recognized norms, which schould be respected. The whole world recongizes Garabakh as azerbaijani territorium... If you once occuped the territorium, that does not mean, that it is yours... With your logic, there could be 10 or more owners of 1 territorium...

replying to "Internally Displaced Azerbaijan Children"

most Armenians want the prewar killed Armenians, including raped and burnt women and to-be children) in Sumgait and Baku to live again. Armenia does not occupy any land. Artsakh is historical land of Armenia and a breakaway region now.

Yea right....

Yea right....

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