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Haiti 2006 Elections

March 14, 2007

Haiti 2006 Elections

Haiti 2006 Elections

The 2004 coup reversed years of progress in Haiti.

by Joseph Wenkoff

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um spell check?

um spell check?

dont make fun of that

dont make fun of that person. i agree with them 100%! :)
that person has a very big heart and wants to take action whic is very good. im Latina and im standing behind them too doing whatever i can to help them. im donating and have fundraisers. people helping is good and now i know this world hasnt came to an end YET, and now i know theres other people that have strong opinions and a big heart like me too! :)


this is fucken bul shit that

this is fucken bul shit that they doing this the haitian people haitian people are black people too they havs feelings and they should be treated with respaced and that is sad how killing them like that and should be alowed vote for eny presdent with out their presadent getting send away and they should leve my people alone because this NOT RIGHT to do this and they are killing the kids and adults and other peoples grandparents and they are also killiny babys and all the people they killed did not do any thing to them and now I'am puting my foot down about this and them bernind people in the streets and they shoud not be able to lock peopel in crates and cowking them in five miutes and then thowing them in the water THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO BE TREATING BLAK PEOLE.

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