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Uranium: Locals support Algonquin

September 24, 2007

Uranium: Locals support Algonquin

Uranium: Locals support Algonquin

Locals who have had their land staked by the corporation, as well as supporters from many other areas, have been a presence outside the base camp gate.

Only the aboriginal groups enter the base camp, which they claim is their land to do with as they please. Settlers, though they may own land, cannot make the same claim as the Algonquins to mining sites and subsurface land rights. The settlers and tourists alike are, for the majority, supporting the Algonquins in their protest; the only alternative is to adhere to the present mining laws, which have not been revised since their inception in 1870. Both the Algonquins and the settlers have been attempting to have their voices heard in Parliament; they want a moratorium of this outdated mining law.

by Megan Hughes

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