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January 7, 2010



Protests plagued Chicago's Olympic bid.

by John W. Sisson Jr.

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"Protests plagued Chicago's Olympic bid"

Protests did indeed 'plague' the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. This plague helped to save the city from the disastrous mistake that hosting the games would have been. Chicago is bankrupt, governed by political corruption and suffering from murderous violence brought about by the malignant neglect of it's neighborhoods and people. The killing of Chicago high school student Derrion Albert (partially attributable to tension arising from public school closings) while the mayor was off courting Olympic votes is the saddest example of why Chicago needed to be spared hosting the games. This article outlines many of the reasons that Chicago was unfit to host the games and why a small group of determined grassroots opponents fought and protested so hard against them:


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