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Mohamed Harkat Arrested!!?

January 30, 2008

Mohamed Harkat Arrested!!?

Mohamed Harkat, one of the "security certificate five" was arrested at his home while taking his morning shower yesterday. The stated reason on behalf of federal immigration authorities was the fact that his mother-in-law was not home at the time. His bail conditions stipulated that she remain living with Harkat and his wife. She still lives with both of them.

From Harkat's support committee:


What happened:

Mohamed Harkat was arrested Tuesday afternoon by Ottawa police
accompanied by Canadian Border Services agents at his home in Ottawa. CBSA alleges that Mohamed Harkat breached his bail conditions. In fact no breach occurred. The crown has 48 hours to bring him before a federal court judge. Mohamed Harkat is also already scheduled to appear in court next week to argue for changes in his bail conditions.

What you can do:

A) We ask organizations to issue statements along the lines of the following statement from the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee.

Statement from the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee

1. There was no breach of Mohamed Harkat's bail conditions. This, despite the conditions imposed being the toughest in Canadian history.
2. The arrest's timing was highly questionable given the facts:
- Mohamed Harkat's bail is up for review next week;
- Bill C-3, the new Security Certificates law, is being debated this week in the House of Commons.
This arrest could only have happened by order of a cabinet Minister - which was confirmed to Mohamed Harkat by CBSA officials. It also occurred on the eve of Adil Charkaoui's Supreme Court appeal.
3. The arrest constitutes harassment in the context of an
unconstitutional law.
4. The Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee continues to call for release or a fair trial for the five Security Certificate detainees.

This statement has been endorsed by the following organizations: Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee, BC civil liberties union, ACT for the Earth, Global Justice working group - First Unitarian congregation, Ottawa, PGA Ottawa, OPIRG- Carleton, Raging Grannies Ottawa, NOWAR-PAIX,
Student Coalition Against War, Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada, Toronto Action for Social Change.

B) Support Mohamed Harkat in court.
- Watch your email for announcements of his court appearance for this most recent arrest, on or before Thursday, January 31.
- Support Mohamed Harkat in his previously scheduled review of
conditions of detention on February 4 at 9:30 am at the Supreme Court building, on Wellington in downtown Ottawa.

C) We are having an impact! Continue to keep the pressure on MPs and senators to defeat Bill C-3 and abolish Security Certificates. For resources, see justiceforharkat.com, www.adilinfo.org

D) To send endorsements or for further information: Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee, Christian Legeais,

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This is crazy !

To stop anxiety you have to treat people with a little respect. I dont see why they need to bust in and arrest him while he was taking his shower. Whats the world coming to?

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