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November 5, 2009 Letters


A letter from Dustin Rivers

April 24, 2006 Letters

Correction: Canadian Politicians Travel to Haiti

"Canadian Politicians Travel to Haiti on Eve of Elections" (April 22, 2006) cited an email that was sent to the Dominion in response to a request, saying that specific details of a scheduled visit of a Parliamentary delegation to Haiti...

April 6, 2006 Letters

Readers respond to Yugoslavia series

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank Dru Oja Jay for his courage to write a compelling and truthful attempt to set the record straight on what really happened (and is happening) to Yugoslavia (five part series)....

March 8, 2006 Letters

A Bear of a PR Scam

The full court PR press by our government, the forest industry and the foundation funded industrial sustainabilism engos has marginalized and deprecated many of BC's environmental voices that wish to contain coastal industrial forestry entirely within the existing second growth...

Letter from Michael Michael Major

March 8, 2006 Letters

Great Bear Deal is Defeat for Environmentalism

I am very disappointed to read Yuill Herbert's "Bear of a Deal" in the Dominion. The Dominion purports to be a 'grassroots' newsletter, but Mr. Herberts article panders blatantly to all the big professional enviro-corp hype about what is basically...

May 24, 2005 Letters

Poor mainstream coverage, not special access, made documentary stand out

Mr. Rourke speculates [Hog Town: The Politics of Policing, May 23] that as Chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board, I gave Ms. Lee special access to behind the scene meetings to film her documentary. In fact this is not...

April 20, 2005 Letters

Port Radium assessments not "frivolous"

Our staff have reviewed the article, "Canada, Racism, Genocide and the Bomb" by Kim Petersen, published in your online journal, and we are very unhappy with some aspects of the article. Our staff, which represents the Déline arm of the...

April 19, 2005 Letters

Is the system the scandal?

Dear Sirs: In "The System is the Scandal" published on the website of The Dominion on April 16, 2005, Duff Conacher inaccurately states that EDC and other organizations operate "without legal accountability" in areas including the access-to-information law, ethics rules,...

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