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Haiti: Foreign interference and the Attack on Haitian Sovereignty

posted by darren ell Geography: Latin America

January 24, 2008

Haiti: Foreign interference and the Attack on Haitian Sovereignty

Roger Annis is one of Canada’s most dedicated and lucid voices on the subject of the ongoing impact of Canadian policy in Haiti. In this two-part podcast interview by Canadian photographer Darren Ell, Roger describes what he calls a social and economic calamity in Haiti. He traces key elements of this crisis to the 2004 coup d’état in which Canada, France and the US participated, and to a foreign aid system which is keeping Haiti dependent. He addresses what he describes as the failures of NGO’s and human rights organizations to defend democracy in Haiti, the propaganda campaign that deluded the public as to the events surrounding the coup d’état of 2004, and foreign-imposed economic policies that are destroying the country and undermining its sovereignty.

The interview includes a discussion about the way forward for Haiti in light of the new developments in neighbouring South America. Click here to hear the podcast.

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oil is in haiti lots of it

oil is in haiti ,you know the two islands of the coast of haiti oil lot of it. the started to spill into the ocean so i guess the americans will be in haiti for along time at laest when the oil run out.

who are they fooling?

I knew all along that foreign governments were behind Haiti's undevelopment. Let us talk about what is going on right now, they found some oil in Haiti and no one is saying anything about it. Not private sector nor the government even the political class.I feel though sometimes that God is unfair towards Haiti, how can he allowed the country such a dillema. Two hundred years in misery, in poverty while other people who are not even haitians came to the country and get rich. I wish there was another planet or group of people not fromm earth that Haiti can have a normal relationship with. No one loves us, they treat us like we are not human. What is worst, is that they even succeded by making haitians hating one another.We were there for them, and now, they forgot about the good deeds we have rendered to their cause. But
We can make a difference though besides all that, but the only thing for us is to love each other again, tolerate each other again, support one another again. Just remember, when one haitian got hurt is all of us that is hurting. When they took Aristide away it wasn't just him they humiliated, they humiliatd Haiti thus all of us whatever your point of view of Aristide may be, he was your president. The dodo leader of so called free world is never asked to leave or be removed why should we accept that from other government.......
I personally believe that we have a lot of ressources in Haiti to rebuilt, we are rich, we can rebuilt this beautiful land again, all we need is UNITY "L'union fait la force" et si l"union fait la force, nous pouvons reunir des epaules pour soulever belle Haiti de sa misere. For it is a forced or imposed misery and disrepect to our sovereignty.
Aba tout pei, viv Ayiti.