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Election in France

posted by dru Geography: Europe France Topics: migration, racism

March 12, 2007

Election in France

An interesting analysis of the 'bipartisan' racist political dynamics in France looks at the outta-nowhere centrist candidate François Bayrou vis-a-vis the right-wing and "socialist" candidates, Sarkozy and Royal:

And Bayrou has been making all the right moves. For example, when Sarkozy this week -- in a blatant appeal to Le Pen's electorate -- promised to create a new "Ministry of Immigration and National Identity," Bayrou immediately reacted with a strong denunciation of Sarkozy for "crossing the line" and linking the two concepts in a thinly-veiled racist appeal. So Bayrou's rapid response dominated the news cycle on the issue -- while it took the cautious Socialist Royal several days before she managed to criticize Sarkozy's proposal, and in terms more tepid than Bayrou's (and her statement came well after all the civil rights and anti-racist organizations had already flayed Sarkozy for his demagogic proposal.) And moves by Bayrou like this attack on Sarkozy have helped many voters overlook or forgive Bayrou's long record as part of the right, and his participation in the Chirac-led conservative coalition.

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