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Coulter endorses Clinton

posted by dru Geography: USA

February 1, 2008

Coulter endorses Clinton

I never thought Anne Coulter would get my attention, but here she is on Fox News, making the case that Hillary Clinton is more conservative than John McCain, and she makes some decent points. Actually, I find it impossible to tell if these people take themselves even a little bit seriously, but while I was confused, she managed to get my attention, which is of course the point. Coulter 1, Me 0.

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I don't know whatever

I don't know whatever happened to Ann Coulter to make her live the life she's chosen. Honestly.

There should be a laugh track to accompany all of her comments, because there is just no substance, and it is all sensationalism. I dunno, these Fox news pundits...it's not worth the time. All they do is War Parade for those that have the interests in it.

Ann Coulter Comment on McCain

I am so sick of flat of her back Coulter's comments that she has made from that position or from the bottom of the bottle. Why does anyone put any stock in what she say's anyway? "Oh" thats right it sells papers and collect's viewer's. It collects bottomfeeder's is what it collect's. Hillary Clinton more conservative than McCain, that is one of those bottom of the bottle comments. Hillary Clinton can't spell conservative let alone apply it.