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Tour, Day 11: Waterloo

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March 16, 2008

Tour, Day 11: Waterloo


Waterloo saw a decent turnout of students and young community members, mostly thanks to the organizing of Evan at WPIRG and Laird of New University.

We heard the sad story of how frat-boy student politician types managed to sneak through a referendum to defund CKMS, the local community station.

I also got to chat very briefly with Taarini Chopra of Alternatives Journal, a venerable subscriber-driven independent publication that has managed to stick around for the last 35 years.

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CKMS referendum

Regarding the CKMS defunding referendum, many people who voted for defunding were not against campus radio or independent media in general. Here are some perspectives that explain the sentiments of those for defunding.

From the Chair of the committee advocating the fee removal (IMO, not at all a "frat-boy student politician type"):

A blog post by a self-described lover of alternative media:
(The comment from a self-professed "proponent of diverse and open media outlets, and as a former DJ and huge supporter of, and believer in the utility of, radio broadcasting" may also be of interest)

A Macleans On Campus editorial by a fan of NPR and indie music:

From the President of the Graduate Students Association: