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Jean-Pierre Kingsley to IFES

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February 1, 2007

Jean-Pierre Kingsley to IFES

The Globe notes in passing that Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Canada's old Chief Electoral Officer, is off to join the International Federation for Electoral Systems (IFES).

Dominion contributor Anthony Fenton has done a fair bit of work exposing IFES and its role in the overthrow of Haitian democracy. A little background:

IFES successfully co-opted human rights groups, lawyers, and journalists, and "set the groundwork" for the creation of the Group of 184 business-led political opposition to Aristide. The chairman of IFES, William Hybl, also sits on the Board of directors of the International Republican Institute (IRI), who were also providing financial and technical support to Aristide's political opposition, with National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funding. Two of IFES' administrators in Haiti stated, "that IFES/USAID workers in Haiti want to take credit for the ouster of Aristide, but cannot out of respect for the wishes of the U.S. government."

Contrast that with the Globe's incisive coverage:

IFES is a non-governmental organization based in Washington that operates in countries that are struggling to mount well-run fair elections, or to expand access to voting rights in practice. In some cases, it helps to organize elections and develop proper electoral systems and elections laws; in others, it monitors to ensure that an election is properly conducted.

Another bit: Kingsley was given the highest honor that the Mexican government can grant to a foreigner for his work in a hotly contested election where Calderon, the right-wing candidate, emerged victorious despite evidence of massive fraud.

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