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Chief of Barriere Lake Speaks

July 22, 2008

Chief of Barriere Lake Speaks

OTTAWA-Located two hours north of Montreal, the Algonquin community of Barriere Lake came to Ottawa to protest government interference in their reserve.
Demanding a meeting with MP Lawrence Cannon and a government-overseeing of governance reselection on their reserve, the community aims to correct a March coup d'etat carried out on their reserve.

The community's Customary Chief, Benjamin Nottoway, speaks with RabbleTV about the recent events on the reserve, the governance difficulties, and the struggle to protect the land.

Terry Matchewan, an Algonquin man who was part of the delegation to Ottawa was attacked alongside four other Algonquin men by Gatineau police and speaks of their targetting and wounds.

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a big show

where is the problem in barriere lake ,,,,,,,,,a new chief was elected with a majority of the people present to that selection,,,,with a list to proved it.
So ,,really where is the problem THE AFN with chief phil fontaine reconised the new concil.
What is the thruth about the claim of the ex band concil,,,,,maybe a question of money for their consultant
in ottawa ,,,,,,,
FOR sure the governement had no say in that selection,,,,,just think about it how could they manage to do it.
THE selection was done with the costumary ancestral code
with a majority of elder and a majority of people.
If the ex council want a reselection they don,t have to ask the governement to do it,,,THEY JUST HAVE TO DO IT WITH A LIST OF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE PRESENT and show to the governement for the approval.
The thruth is the ex band concil does not have the majority SO they cant make a new selection with a list of people to proved their majority.
Maybe the pity card should stop and let,s start to be serious,,,,and give a chance to that new educated chief and is organisation to start build new bridge with the other algonquins nation, and with each community around barriere lake .

future of a young generation