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May 28, 2007

In Today's News

Racist threats: hate crime in Kanata, Ontario.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be visiting Ottawa on Wednesday, May 30th. He brought back the death penalty in California in 2005. Since then three people have been murdered by the state, including Stan "Tookie" Williams.

Jornada article about the Venezuelan opposition's destabilization
efforts in the international media
, related to the Chavez government's decision to cancel a right wing TV channel. An example of the international mediatic ramifications of the destabilization campaign around RCTV, the editorial Venezuela takes another step backwards from Guatemala's biggest newspaper, the Prensa Libre. Another article on a new public TV station launched in Venezuela, TEVES.

Goldcorp's Mexican subsidiary Luismin announced that they will pull out of exploration activities in Xochipala, Guerrero, where their presence has created major conflict in the area.

Polling in Guatemala before September elections shows (at presidential level) Alvaro Colom from the UNE in the lead at 37%, General Otto Pérez Molina and the Patriot Party in second at 14.6%, and Rigoberta Menchu with Encuentro por Guatemala in third place at 10.2%.

List of France's new president Nicholas Sarkozy's first ten measures.

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