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Today's news updates

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May 31, 2007

Today's news updates

CANADA IN IRAQ: The G&M is reporting that "Four of five Britons kidnapped by gunmen wearing police uniforms in Baghdad [April 29th] are employees of Canada's Garda World Security Corp." The BBC notes that "The company is one of the biggest suppliers of private security in Iraq, and is mainly staffed by Britons."

WITH VENEZUELA AND AGAINST BUSH. From La Jornada: "What is a free press for George Bush, his servant Oscar Arias, El País, the Inter American Press Society, the CNN, the Group of American Journalists and Reporters without Borders? It's a juicy business where nobody in the world can question their right to publish whatever they fancy..."

EN GUATEMALA: commemoration of another year after the Panzós Massacre, on May 29, 1978.

EN EL SALVADOR: Protests planned against president Antonio Saca on this third anniversary of his presidency, and one year and three months after his government signed DR-CAFTA.

HUMOR: Fetters of Old Contrarians, by Charles Demers.

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