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Today : GUARDA, G8, SA, new ROSS & FENTON

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June 4, 2007

Today : GUARDA, G8, SA, new ROSS & FENTON

GUARDA EXPOSED: How a nice Quebec firm found itself in a war zone. The Citizen's Don Butler sings praise to Guarda, Canada's Blackwater. According to Guarda's CEO "We hire locals, which is rare. We're perceived differently because we're Canadian."

2,000 ANARCHISTS: lead protests to the G8 that puts a city "under seige," according to the Citizen. Otro punto de vista sobre las manifestaciónes desde La Haine.

MORE ANC REPRESSION IN SA: COSATU affiliated striking nurses wounded by rubber bullets, others arrested.

BC A GREEN SAUDI ARABIA: One missing detail -- none of it, not one square inch, is theirs for the taking.

OAXACA: John Ross updates on the first anniversary of the uprising.

PROPAFGHANDA: The battle for Canadian hearts and minds by Anthony Fenton.

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