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Today: Euskal Herria, Goldcorp Payday, Ethanol & more

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June 6, 2007

Today: Euskal Herria, Goldcorp Payday, Ethanol & more

Ceasefire between ETA & Spanish government ended by ETA.

Not only are cops posing as journalists in Canada, but they want full access to documents held by journalists.

Rob from the poor, and keep it for yourself: Goldcorp's Ian Telfer is BCs highest paid executive, two other Goldcorp execs make highest paid list twice.

More than 100 new pieces by Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera discovered in Mexico.

Lack of corn because of ethanol and FTAs: Hunger increases in Guatemala / Falta maíz por culpa de etanol y TLC: crece hambre en Guatemala

Harnecker: Statement on RCTV

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