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Today: Mexico Vote Fraud, Canada's Disgrace, Mining update

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August 20, 2007

Today: Mexico Vote Fraud, Canada's Disgrace, Mining update

Mexico: Broken Ballot Boxes: The Fine Art of Bad Elections

Canada: The Cases of Maher Arar and Omar Khadr: Canada's Disgrace

Guatemala: National Human Rights ombudsperson receives death threats.

-Mining Related-

China: 181 miners feared dead, families pressured not to protest.

Colombia: Anglo American mining accused of profiting from abuse by the Colombian Army. AngloGold meet minimum targets for mine building.

Peru: Poisoned city fights to save its children.

Mexico: Grupo México earns 11 billion pesos, invests zero in safety. The result: 100 dead miners in 18 months. The CEO is in SPP talks at the moment.

Philippines: March of the mines sees islanders facing loss of ancestral homeland. "... it appears things may soon become a lot harder for... at least 5,000 other Mangyans given the plans of a British based multinational mining company to remove residents from the land they have farmed for six centuries, land that houses their forebears' sacred ancestral burial grounds."

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