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Today: Blockades against Shell in BC & more

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August 22, 2007

Today: Blockades against Shell in BC & more

BC: Demonstrators including members of Tahltan and Iskut First Nations blockaded a road in the Northwest of the province "preventing Royal Dutch Shell PLC crews from heading into a contested region to do road repair work and reigniting a debate over coal bed methane exploration in the area..."

The Tyee reported in June that "Three years ago, with tenure to drill in hand, Shell Canada didn't waste any time. While most Tahltan were attending a funeral, Shell's contractors unceremoniously bulldozed an access road through a Tahltan trapper's camp and quickly drilled three exploratory wells in the heart of the headwaters."

More context, including videos, from the Dogwood Initiative. Royal Dutch Shell also has a huge stake in Alberta's tar pits.


Newfoundland & Labrador: oilfield deal goes ahead.

CIA launches "Facebook for Spies".

Burma: Detentions, removals as pro democracy activists march in Rangoon.

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