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Today: Ontario teachers invest in Subcrime & more...

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August 24, 2007

Today: Ontario teachers invest in Subcrime & more...


The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan took advantage of subprime/subcrime to the tune of $60,000,000. That's right teachers, your money went to help what Danny Schechter calls "a sub-crime ponzi scheme in which millions of people are losing their homes because of criminal and fraudulent tactics used by financial institutions that pose as respectable players in a highly rigged casino-like market system."

In Toronto, the mining industry and government will sit down to discuss "Canada's Reputation Abroad" on September 6th.

Naomi Klein on Total Surveillance.

Sue Collis on Shawn Brant .

This year alone, at least 314 Central Americans have died trying to get to the US or Mexico.

Photo from "March on Montebello" by Ben Powless.

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