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Joint Efforts are the Key

Joint Education is the Key

Thank you very much for all of your kind words.

It is easy to tell the Truth.

I am very proud of all of my ancestry. I am especially proud of how inherent elements of the pre-existing Anishnabe social order, the customary laws and positive normative values, were so sophisticated that they were able to lay down the foundations of what is unique about Canada.

Although we all have been denied much of this history it has been preserved, and perhaps, purposely protected for these very times when they would be most effective and appreciated.

While Europe was raging in intolerance and violence our social systems encouraged inclusion and diversity. We measured genuine power as the influence to maintain honest, respectful and peaceful relationships.

We looked to find ways of creatively resolving dichotomies.

We look forward to working together with all peoples to collectively find resolution and reconciliation in accordance to our more concilitory values.

I think it will be an exciting endeavour for all Canadians and a very positive contribution to the peoples and institutions of the human family!

Removed from the antagonistic traps we find ourselves labouring through, instead, we can head out again into another new joint venture...so true to our collective natures and our actual genuine nation-building process.

Let the Living Tree, the original model of our unique Constitution, shake off those elements that attempt to stunt our determined growth and let us stand strong, together as vital components,in responsible and sensitive maturity, as was originally intended.

I look forward to a postive future for us all.


Education of the whole truth

I must say this piece really does impress me very much! It touches very well on the interconnectedness of major realities and how your nation has been able to meet these with a clear resolve from within your communal lives and extending your circumstances with integrity to knowing how to apply the global implications.

Just to focus on the education aspect & AF...
Educating all Canadians and the world about the whole truth of the peoples of this land, pre-colonial and the colonial present, would constitute a major turning point in itself! If this is the scale of the AFN's ambitions for Education in this land, it will provide a hopeful future.
I really wanted to comment that this piece is itself one of the only, in fact I think it might be the only, article/statement I've read that eloquently addresses the big picture, what is important, at the foundations, and clearly names examples of the truth that cannot be avoided, however discomfiting, if there is to be any real chance to achieving a cultural peace throughout this society, between indigenous peoples and colonists.
A particular quality to the piece that I am especially appreciative to see-read-admire-behold that I also want to comment on is the carefulness in the form, a fullness of explication that maintains a focus on essentials and 'INCLUDES REPETITIONS'-{would have preferred underlining instead of capitalizing!} wherever called for to fully elucidate the interconnectedness of the realities. I am glad to be seeing this quality of exposition as it is a true and therefore sincere reflection of how we as First Nations orate & indeed think about our world view, so thank you for this, too!



AFN and Kichesipirini

After some of the concerns expressed by numerous chiefs do you think they might be interested in working with the Kichesipirini....since it seems you are all trying to do the same thing?