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Community Art and Culture are Important

Who cares, it takes away from

Who cares, it takes away from any points that she wants to get across. This beyouching about grammar, get a life!

This poorly written article,

This poorly written article, gramatically speaking, fails to address human self-interest as a natural phenomenon that can have detrimental effects on both the environment and the rights of others. This is especially true in democracies where minorities of all kinds, not just Aboriginal people, are subject to the will of the majority.

Corporations are not to blame, they are just composed of people. Additionally, it's not that people can't understand Aboriginal communities' assertions over the right to use and benefit from the land, it's that they don't care.

Thank you so much for the constructive critism and contribution.

I certainly wish that I was better educated. Unfortunately that is not the situation. But I think many would agree that an obsession with technical correctness would rob many of us with an opportunity to express ideas.

I apologize for the poor grammatical quality of the article.

Perhaps, sometime in the future, you might consider identifying yourself.


Paula LaPierre