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September 16, 2007 Weblog:

International forum on Health and Human rights at Cange Plateau Central


Paul Farmer, a graduate doctor of the University of Harvard, originating in the center of also titular Florida of a doctorate in Anthropology, came for the first time to Haiti in 1981 after having worked with Haitian immigrants on farms of Florida and Carolina. And he founded "Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health" at Cange, in the central region of Haiti.

There health is free for all, the poor people come from all over the region just to receive health care, and “Zanmi Lasante” it is one of NGOs in Haiti which works closely with Haitian people. Dr. Farmer wants to provide Health for the poor because the poorest people don't have any money to go to the hospital, but they have the right to health care. Some Americans Doctors come to work free and they love to give their time for those who need treatment.

"Plateau Central," "Hinche” or City of Chalmagne Peralte, the 3rd national road whom link it from "Port-Au-Prince" to "Cap-Haitian" doesn't build; it is very difficult to go there. It is an injustice against the people who are living at "Plateau Central", said lawyer Mario Joseph who drove me.

One week like volunteer has Socio-educational Complex and Medical at Cange, it is an occasion to be useful and request with the poorest and most vulnerable persons.