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Haiti is Under Occupation

posted by WadnerPierre Haiti Topics: violation

July 10, 2009

Haiti is Under Occupation


by Wadner Pierre
All photos by Wadner Pierre

Haiti is under occupation, what will we do to free it from the occupants? Now it's clear it is back to 1915-1934, if you know your history, you probably understand what it means.

Because it is illegal according the Haitian constitution for foreign soldiers step the soil of Haiti, all MINUSTAH workers(troops, police officers, civil workers) whether they are their against their will or not, they are illegal and have to leave this country. Some soldiers kill,assault, steal,abuse young poor people, farmers,police officers, students, state workers, and no justice has been giving to them.

UN has all power to decide for Haiti. Haiti's president, Mr. Preval is following his boos, Mr. Bill Clinton, he is so happy now as an irresponsible leader that former Pres. Bill Clinton will help him or be his boss, for now eh has nothing to worry about. Oh President Preval, what type of president are you? How do you feel as a chief of state, when you look at yourself in mirror? Now, there is no doubt that Haiti is back to 1915..., but this under cover of a so-called United Nations, why not the backers off imperialist's program in the world, that will be their best name to them.

Therefore, who knows or can tell, when Haiti will be a country, because now it is just a place. They violate the rights of Haiti being an independent country.No one can do anything for Haiti, excepts its children.

Where are the political leaders who fought against the Lavas's government from May 2000 until Fev. 29th, 2004? The 184 group,which gathers the majority of the bourgeoisie class, they now get what they wanted, OCCUPATION in order for them to make more profits with the occupants, sell their daughters to them, rent their hotels and buildings to them while the majority of people living in the extreme poverty and chronic misery .

Some Haitian artist are doing a great job by publicly supporting and collaborating with the "colons," this is without reserve. That's great, but why they keep talking about Haitian Flag Day. Oh guys, people need a break, you are too hypocrites.Your hypocrisy surpasses your lies and make you the most dangerous people in the world. Stop selling this country piece-by-piece rather fighting back for its freedom, God will compensate you for taking this step for the liberation of your mother land, your country, Haiti.
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It's time to drive those

It's time to drive those terrorist out of Haiti. I will do my best to circulate this article and bring Ayitians together to fight this terrorist occupations IN THE NAME OF TOUSSAINT L'OUVERTURE.