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Ansanm Nou Kapab...Together We can

posted by WadnerPierre

June 19, 2011

Ansanm Nou Kapab...Together We can

Summer Trip to Haiti: From July 7th to August 7th, 2010

Dear friends and supporters,

My name is Wadner Pierre. I am a photojournalist and activist from Gonaives, Haiti.

For five years, you have generously supported my work for Haiti both

within Haiti’s borders and outside of her borders with your prayers, words

of support, and generous donations. As a mere freelance photojournalist

for these five years, I now hope to continue this work and more.

However, without your encouragement, financial support, and advice, my

work would not have reached such a wide audience, more importantly, my

people’s voice might not have been heard in different parts of the world.

I am so grateful for everything you have done to help me get this job done

in a more perfect way. I thank you for your commitment in continuing to be

part of Haiti’s endless struggle for social justice and equality.

I have joined many people around the world who are committed to work for

real democracy, social justice, and equality in Haiti. Together with my

colleagues and journalists, Jeb Sprague and Joe Emersberger, we founded www.haitianalsyis.com, a website dedicated to provide news from the voices of Haiti. This website has allowed young English-speaking journalists in Haiti like me to give a voice to our communities. In addition to that website, I started a blog so individuals may also read and comment on issues affecting communities:

During this one-month trip plan to reach as many communities as I can whether farmers, grassroots organizations/or human rights groups etc.

Haiti: Work Plan Summer 2011

1. Investigate and write about social justice works in the aftermath of Jan. 12 post-earthquake.

2. Visit three geographic regions in northern and southern Haiti. My hometown, Gonaives, is one of my priorities and a special article will be featured about the recovery of this city from the two major hurricanes in 2004 and 2008.

3. Write a daily post on the blog about the communities and people I visit.

4. Write five major articles based on social justice, human rights, and NGOs and Haitian government’s activities almost a year and-half after the earthquake. These articles will be published on Haitianalysis,InterPress Service and on my blog.

To achieve these goals, your help is crucial. Below are the anticipated expenses that you may assist with in whatever small or large donation you can to help make this trip possible. The total estimated cost for my trip is $3900.

How funds will be used:

1. A roundtrip tickets can cost between $800 to $900 after taxes from New Orleans to Port-au-Prince.

2. A video camera (price vary between $300 to $ 500 for the video camera, but you can donate if you have one).

3. Expenses relating to in-country transportation and communication- approximatley $2500.Any donated skymiles or a used video recorder will also be appreciated and may be mailed to me directly at: 7500 Dominican Street, New Orleans, LA 70118.

I thank you for the continuous and extraordinary support you have given to me and other independent journalists. I remain very grateful for all you do.

May the Almighty God continue to comfort and send his Holy Spirit upon all

those who suffer in the world.


Wadner Pierre
Email: nwanpi@gmail.com (You can use this email to send your donation via Paypal)

Below is the link you can follow to make your contribution or donation.

Ansanm Nou Ka fe li....Together We Can Do it. Please help me reach my goal as you have been helping so many freelancers around the world.

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